It is an expression of cooking that embraces the world, what it does is the same thing that all Lima families, daughters of all bloodlines, did. Those who, overcoming insurmountable barriers, made impossible love possible, giving life to that cuisine that sometimes seems to be from there, but is from here, from Lima, from Inga and Mandingo, from the world and from all corners of Peru, which punta de amor, becomes Lima through and through, from this multicultural Lima that we all celebrate today without complexes, with pride.

Jerónimo not only animates the night on Avenida La Mar with his presence, Jerónimo follows the path of a city that today is finally accepted and celebrated as the city without borders, in which everyone is welcome as long as they celebrate the love.

Gaston Acurio


A globetrotter who, after sixteen years of touring and embracing the world through its cuisines, in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America, found his corner in Lima, his hometown. Already with more than twenty-three years of experience in the field, he presents us with concepts such as Jerónimo, Frida, Chinga Tu Taco and Caleta Dolsa.

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It is based on the gastronomic tour of our chef, presented in our style, taking advantage of the quality of the seasonal product, respecting the closed seasons and supporting the Peruvian producer.